Sentischhorn (Davos)

Sentischhorn is a classic skitour from the Flüela Valley. Not much more than 2-3 hours up, great views and steep descents (if avalanche conditions allow).

View from Sentischhorn
View from Sentischhorn

Here is the route (viewed from the Pischahorn):
Route Sentischhorn

The descent (Abfahrt) by the green line requires pretty good avalanche conditions (!), >30 degrees steep. Strong skiers can also ski down straight from the top (as it has been done by Dominik Meyer and Beat Wipf).

The tour starts from Tschuggen (where the Flüela Pass Road ends in winter). Soon a slightly sloped plateau is reached. Then – a bit steeper – the track heads up to the ridge. The top part is quite steep so “Harscheisen” are recommended. One can always go by foot.

Beat Wipf and Peter Bollmann close to the top:Sentischhorn Ascent

The summit offers great views:
K2 Wayback on Sentischhorn (Flüela Scharzhorn in the Back)

If avalanche conditions are safe, one can ski down along the green line as indicated in the tour map. Great skiing at around 35 degrees!

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