Pazola Stock (Central Switzerland)

[German text below.
In 2012 there was early snow in the Swiss Alps and as long as the major passes were  open, the conditions made some first ski tours possible. The Pazola Stock is easily reachable from the Oberalp Pass, connection Andermatt to the Grisons (Graubünden).

The picture below (not taken by me) provides a good view of the Pazola Stock from the Oberalp Pass. The usual ascent is towards the left. I went straight up over the ridge on the right. Snow conditions were “ok”.


Other mountains that can be done with skis in early winter (when there is not a lot o snow) are the Clariden (Glarus Region), the Flüela Scharzhorn (Davos Region), Pizzo Lucendro (Gotthard Pass) and others.

Uli on the ascent

Erste Skitour dieser (2012er) Saison auf den Pazola Stock. Schnee eher “mager”, aber keine Steine.

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