Wildspitz (Central Switzerland, 20 min from Zug)

Top of Wildspitz, frozen “Wanderweg Wegweiser”:Top of Wildspitz (bbbrrrr...

[Tour map at the end.] The heavy snow fall also into low elevations currently allows ski tours in Switzerland “right from the office”.  Domink Meyer took my on a tour the the Wildspitz, Zug’s local mountain. Snow was deep and quite heavy, so making tracks (mainly Dominik) was tough:

Dominik plowing upwards

Skiing down was easier (as usual), but with my short skis I was not floating as I should be on the powder. Anyway, it was fun (and we were still able to get our work done in the afternoon).

Dominik on the way down:A lot of Snow

Tour map (click to enlarge):
Karte Wildspitz Rossberg

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