Weissfluhgipfel/Glattwang – Over 2000m Downhill (Davos/Klosters)

[Tour map below.] The long tour from the Parsenn Ski Area (Weissfluhgipfel) to Glattwang and then down to Jenaz is a great (!) ski tour with lot’s of downhill (over 2000 meters!) and little uphill (less than 500 meters). This is a very scenic tour that can be recommended if there is snow down to the Prättigau Valley.

Heading up to unnamed peak 2340m between Duranna Pass and Fideris Ski Area:Heading up to Unknow Peak (2430m)

The tour starts at Weissfluhgipfel (2843m) and ends at 755m! Here is the tour map:
Tourmap Glattwang

Here are a few pictures and comments about the tour. From Weissfluhgipfel one enters the “Diretissima”, the steep descent on the north face (decent avalanche conditions needed!):
Entering Diretissima

Overview Weissflue Glattwang Tour

At the Barga Huts, one puts on the skins and heads up to  Strassberger Furgga. From the hut on the pass, one either can ski down to Fideriser Heuberge directly, or – for more adventerous skiers- climb to the unnamed  Peak 2340m (not too steep, but still a bit demanding):

Almost on Top

The peak is a bit exposed, but you will feel “on top of the world”:On Point 2430m

Sking down to the Fideriser ski area is pretty steep, depending on which route you take. Here is Petra Lübben on the way down:Petra in the Powder

Usually one takes a hearty lunch at the restaurent in the Fideris ski area and heads up with skilift (small fee) which takes you almost to the elevation of Glattwang, which can be reached heading up the ridge towards North. On top of Glattwang:Top of Glattwang

Depending on snow conditions, the 1500 meters downhill skiing to Jenaz is either great (in powder) or tough (in crust or soft snow). We hit it great and there was virgin powder almost down to the bottom!

A great tour. Strongly recommended!Trees

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One Response to Weissfluhgipfel/Glattwang – Over 2000m Downhill (Davos/Klosters)

  1. Martin Brütsch says:

    Sieht sehr schön aus, diese lange tour… da wär ich gerne einmal dabei. Lg, Martin

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