Scaletta Horn North Couloir – My Favourite Ski Tour in the Davos Region

The long (5 hours) tour to the Scaletta Horn with the steep descent (40%) in the North couloir is one my favourites in the Davos Region. We try to do it once a year. As the tour starts way down in the Dischma Tal, very few people do this tour in winter. It is more popular, when the road to Dürrboden and/or the SAC Grialetsch Hut is open.

The very steep descent through the North couloir required safe avalanche conditions. Usually, there are no tracks, so you likely will be the first one to go down. Beware.

On the way up:On the Way up

It takes about 1.5 hours to get through the long Dischma Valley until der Dürrboden Restaurant (closed in winter, sorry) at the end of the is reached. From there the trails leads up to Scaletta Pass (a popular hiking and biking pass). Tour map:
Map Scalettahorn

After a pause at the pass, we head to up the small glacier below Scaletta Horn. It is then advised to tackle the peak on the North West Ridge which is very steep at the end and most skiers take of their skis there (of course, we don’t).

Beat & Luzi Wipf plus me at the top (in the background the Grialetsch peak):
On Top

The 360 degree view is great and it includes a good vista of the 4000m Bernina peaks. Panorama, click on picture to enlarge:
View towards Bernina
Now, of course, comes the best part: The descent on Scaletta’s north face is steep and 800 meters long. Subject to safe avalanche conditons, the couloir is not dangerous.
here we see Beat & Luzi Wipf at the top of the slope:
Entering Scaletta North Face

It is not eays to find the way down, so it is strongly advised to do it first time with someone who has done it before. Usually, you will find no tracks, as the descent is only done a few time per season. The steep face flattens out nicely at the bottom und once you down you can look with satisfaction at the tracks you made (Dominik Meyer, Beat & Luzi Wipf):
Below Scaletta North Face

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