Mittagshorn und Ducan Couloirs- Two of the Best Steep Couloirs in Davos Region

[Tour map below.] Two of the best steep couloirs in the Davos Region are the Mittagshorn and the Ducan Couloirs. Both can be reached from Sertig Dörfli going to the backside of the mountains. Here we see the last uphill portion of the Ducan Couloir with the “Spitzkehren” Tracks, the very top has to be done by foot.
Aufstieg zum Ducan Couloir

Starting from Sertig, the tracks lead South East towards the Chüealphorn (another great skitouring peak) and then swings up Bergüner Furgga, the pass leading to Bergün. No signs of civilzation can be seen from this remote side valley.
Tour map

Here is a view of both couloirs:
Mittagshorn - Hoch Ducan Couloirs

After about 1.5 hours of uphill, one heads into the steep backside of the Mittagshorn. Experienced skiers make it to the top by skis, but the last few meters usually have to be climbed. Tor the reach the Ducan Couloir one has to continue for a good 1 hour. The climb here also gets very steep (as can be seen in the first picture).
Upper descent to Mittagshorn Couloir:

Here we see Beat and Domink on top of the Mittagscouloir checking out the conditions:
Dominik & beat Checking Out Snow Conditions in Mittagshorn Couloir

Both couloirs offer great (!) and usually virgin 800m downhill powder as the sun does not reach the steep slopes. While the couloirs look very steep from Sertig, there are look less “dangerous” once you are on top. We always found great conditions and usually were the first one to go down:

On the Way Down

We did it!
We Did it!

And a last look back at the Ducan Couloir:
Close-Up Ducan Couloir

Not bad, eh?

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  1. Dominik says:

    Uli, you set a totally new standard for mountaineering galleries, well done! Keep on moving!

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