Skitours Around Flüela Pass (Davos Region)

[Tour map below.] The Flüela Pass region offers many easy and also more advanced ski tours. Here is a short review of the most popular peaks.
View from Görihorn (Flüela Weisshorn on the left, Flüela Scharzhorn on the right):
View from Görihorn towards Flüela Weiss- and Schwarzhorn

The Flüela pass road is closed in winter (sometime open until end of the year) and opens up only in May again. When the road is clsoed one can drive to Tschuggen.
Here is a tour map of the region (the steep descents are marked with an ! or with !!, i.e. very steep):
Map Flüela Pass

Pischahorn (rather easy, great views): The Pischahorn is easily reached from the Pischa skia area. There is rather steep “Spitzkehren” ascent to the ridge (can be done also with skis on the back).  On top there is a sweeping view of the Silvretta moutains all the way the 4000m Bernina:
Silvretta Mountains
The descent is on the East side down into the broad Matjisch Täli. Be sure to have the skis waxed as the Matjisch Täli has some flat parts:
Skier in the Matjisch Töli
Instead of skiing down all the way to the Flüela Pass road, one can also skin up again on the ridge just above the Pischa ski area.

Point 1838m (“K2”??): Easy to reach peak North of Görihorn. I thought the locals call it K2, but I am nor quite sure.

View of Pischahorn, Pte 2838m, Göri- and Jörihorn:
From Pischahorn to Jörihorn

Görihorn (rather easy, climb to the peak very steep): The Görihorn is avalanche-wise a pretty safe ski tour. Head up more or less straight from Tschuggen (end of the road in winter). Desent the same.

Jörihorn (also easy). Easy to reach peak between Görihorn and Flüela Weisshorn.

Flüela Weisshorn (intermediate, climb to the top might need crampons and ice axe, exposed): The classic tour in the region. Thus there are always track up. Follow the pass orad for a while and then head up to the right. Once the ridge below Flüela Weisshorn is reached, one has to cross the North slope of the peak. Soon a small pass is reached. More than 50% of the tourers stop here and enjoy the view. The climd to the peak is a bit demanding and can be quite dangereous if the snow is hard.  The moutain has two peaks, the peak to the South East is a few meters higher but requires some climbing, so most people stop the “Steinmannli” (rocks piled up).
Beat on the top:
Beat on Flüela Weisshorn

The daring one take the skis all the way to the top and ski down from the top. we have done it twice in very safe conditions. Here is a picture of the North slope, the ascent is on the ridge to the right, the descent from the top in the middle:
Flüela Weisshorn from the backside

From the ski depot (as we call the place where we leave the skis), there is almost always great powder down into the Wöschchuchi” (washing room). As seen here from above:
Tracks bewlo Flüela Weisshorn

Putting on skins again, one can head back to the Flüela Valley ober point 2771m (normal way) or via Jörihorn (longer and very steep uphill, need safe conditions). Here is a view of the two alternatives:
Wy back from Wöschchuchi (Flüela Weisshorn)

From Jörihorn there is a great (!) couloir down (not so easy to find):
Dominik with tracks from Jörihorn

Whatever route you take back, the Flüela Weisshorn tour is an experience you will enjoy.

Flüela Schwarzhorn (easy, usually done only when the pass is still open):
Tour descrpition see here. Great views, skiing not so great.
Flüela Pass in late fall:
Late Fall on Flüela Pass

Klein Flüela Schwarzhorn (intermediate, usually no tracks, done only when the pass is still open): Good late fall tour. Start directly from the pass. Pretty straight forward. A bit steep towards the end.
On top of Klein Flülea Scharzhorn

Sentisch Horn (easy to intermediate, a bit steep at the top): Tour see here.

Basler Chopf (easiest tour in the region). Same way up in the beginning as Sentisch Horn.

Büelenberg (easy, quite a bit uphill, to be reached directly from Davos). The descent directly into the Dischma Valley is great with usually no tracks (conditions should be safe). As the slope is South exposed it is good in spring or when there is new powder.

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