3 Ways to Zeniflue – Classic Freeriding Ski Tour from Weissfluh Peak

Zeniflue is an easy touring peak only a “few minutes” away from the Parsenn ski area.Zeniflue (viewed from East)
The desent on the North side (back side of the picture above) is initally quite steep (see picture below), but often provides virgin powder down to the Barga Huts at Duranna Pass. IMG_2360
PS: If there are many tracks already, you will always find virgin powder West of the normal descent route on the map. The climb back to Duranna Pass is then a bit longer. See pictures from that West descent here.

There are 3 ways to get to Zeniflue (see map below). The longest tour with a 1.5 to 2 hours ascent is via the Weissfluh East Ridge and Haupter Huts, the best (most downhill vs. uphill meters) is via the well known Diretissima descent on the North face of Weissflue peak (leaving the groomed slope after about 200 meters, the entrance is not always easy to find).
Tour Map Zeniflueh
The shortest route is via the the very steep couloir dropping to the East from the Weissfluh East Rigde. Not much skiing here until you start the climb to Zeniflue.

Here are a few pictures on the route Weissflue East Ridge – Haupter Huts – Zeniflue – Duranna Pass.

At the start of Weissfluh East Ridge:Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

Skiing down the ridge:

Dominik skiing in powder down to the Haupter Valley:

Haupter Huts (in the way to Langwies/Arosa):haupter Huts

Kyle and Uli on the ridge to Zeniflue:
On the Zeniflue ridge (Kyle & Uli)

View from Zeniflue

Mauri ready for the steep:
Mauri - ready to ski down

Preparing to ski down the North side of Zeniflue:
Start of descent from Zeniflue

Dominik in the first part of North descent:
On the way down (Dominik)

Kyle  in Colorado style below Zeniflue:

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