Leistkamm – Steep Ski Mountain High Above Walensee

The Leistkamm is a popular summer hiking mountain. The drive from Zurich to Amden Arvenbüel is only about 40 minutes. In winter the peak is less visited as the steep ridges are often wind blown. Last Sunday André, Mauri and myself did this short and steep tour. To our surprise we had great powder in the couloir to the right of the ridge. Here is of the last part of the peak:
DSC00828The face is quite steep (about 40 degrees) and safe avalanche conditions are a must. Tour map can be found here: http://uligeilinger.smugmug.com/Ski-Touring/Skitouren-Routen-Region/7794977_KDSQKd#!i=504592918&k=qbSHnXD. The descent in the couloir is to the West of the route up. If conditions are not very safe, the descent should be follow the ascent route.

The climb to Leistkamm from Amden is not very long (about two hours) but in some places steep (a lot of switch backs):
The views are breathtaking with a vertical drop from the peak to the Walensee of more than 1000 meters. The tour is a bit exposed, but not dangerous. At the top there is vertical drop of over 1000 meters to the Walensee below:IMG_1164b

Peak photo:
Leistkamm Peak

André and Mauri in the North couloir (40 degrees, it is stepper than it looks, see last picture):IMG_1199

Look back from the bottom:

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