Test Report Movement Logic X (plus ATK Bindings) – A Pair of Skis with Bindungs below 2.5kg!

Comment: The new version of the (non rockered) Movement Logic X is now the (rockered) Response X, see test here.

https://swisspowder.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/big_top-logic-x.jpg?w=134&h=681A few weeks ago I have bought a used 168cm Movement Logix X Ski with an ATK Race Binding (link to picture). The whole set is increadibly light! The pretty wide ski (125-88-113mm) only weighs  1kg, and the binding only 170g! The skis and the bindings are very (!) expensive when bought new (at least CHF/$ 1600, without skins).

I was initially pretty sceptical about the usefulness of such a light setup in serious ski touring. After a few weeks of testing, I have to admit that – more often then not – I pick these skis (from my considerable selection of touring skis) when I leave the house in Davos.

Just walking down to the bus station feels  different (yes, much lighter). The same lightweight feeling applies when going uphill. It makes a difference! Especially when I am underway with the (heavier) Airbag Rucksack. Having only little weight on my feet makes me go up “as usual”.

Also, the downhill performance of the Movement Logic X is much better than I expected. In good powder any ski is usually good (as long as it is not too narrow) and the Movement Logic X shines here. The skis are responsive and turn very well. They also have a pretty good grip on harder surfaces. Performance on groomed slopes is better than one would expect, as long as it is not icy. In difficult snow conditions (crusts etc.) the ski is not as good as the K2 Way Back or other heavier skis, but still ok.

The ATK bindings are also fine. The can be adjusted in the front and in the back (Z values from 5-10). The bindings have released a few times, just at the right time (I am not supposed to crash skiing downhill, but it still happens, of course).

I did have a small breakage in the binding pulling out the “Harscheisen” too quickly. Also, adjustment of the step-up in the back is not as easy as with the Dynafit (I usually only use level 2). One can buy a heal raiser piece to add one more level. (I bought these but have not mounted them yet.). I would probably prefer the Dynafit Speed Radical (link) which is a bit heavier (341g), but more sturdy (and cheaper).

So in summary, I have become quite a fan of this Movement Logic X / ATK ski set and use it (in normal ski terrain and descent snow conditions) much more often than planned.

The Movement Logic X (or the newer Movement Response X) is certainly recommended for (lighter) skiers who just want a really light ski that goes uphill very easy and is ok going down hill. (On a long tour with lot’s a “skis on the back” passages, the Movement Logic X will be unbeatable!)

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