Galenstock (3580m) – A High Peak in Canton Uri

The Galenstock is Uri’s third highest peak (the highest one is the Dammastock). The peak is relatively easy to climb once the Furka pass is open to Hotel Tiefenbach (2100m). The Galenstock offers phantastic (!) views and some high alpine feeling including easy climbing (from the glacier to the North ridge) and – for the daring ones – steep descents. One can ski down directly from the top towards East down to the glacier (pretty extreme) or from the Galenstock North ridge (40 to 45 degrees, steep but ok in safe conditions and if snow overhang is not large) . Check out the map below (red = ascent, green = descent) and the picture gallery. An alternative access to Galenstock is from the West over the Rhone glacier. Klein Bielenhorn is an alternative, easier ski touring target.

Caution: The glacier East of Galenstock has some crevasses! Crampons and ice axe are strongly recommended for this tour. The North ridge is quite exposed!

Map Galenstock

Picture gallery:

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