Still Plenty of Snow for Skitouring in Switzerland (Flüela Schwarzhorn May 2013)

There is still plenty of snow above 2200m. In some place over 1 meter at that elevation! Many passes are open, so it is a good opportunity to tackle some of the tours starting from the passes. My first tour in the season 2012/13 was the Flüela Scharzhorn (3146m, not far from Davos) in November 2012 (with little snow and a rocky descent). Report see here.  This week, in May 2013, I was driving from Zurich to a business meeting in Bolzano, Italy. I took the skis along just in case. I reached the Flüela Pass at 3 pm (usually too late for any ski tour in early summer). Snow cover looks good and firm, I headed up directly from the pass (see map below, route to the West). The usual route start towards East, a bit lower.Flüela Pass
The weather was great and the climb easy (only about 1000 meters uphill from the pass). PS: Another nice 3000m peak just South of the Schwarzhorn is the Radüner Rothorn. The daring ones can ski down the steep North East face.

I have to admit that skiing down from Schwarzhorn was not great, as when I skied down at around 5 pm, the soft snow got a hard cover (despite temperatures above freezing). And  I had a hard time making any turns in the crust. Nevertheless, it was a great tour with good views of the peaks around and the green valleys below. For further ski tours in the Flüela region click here.

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