Wissenberg – Sonnenhorn – Fuggstock (Sunny Mountains High Above Sernftal, Canton Glarus)

Why not try something new for a change? Markus Diem and myself decided last Sunday to catch the cable car up from Matt to Wissenberg. It usually operates on nice weekend days on a continuous basis as the locals take the cable car to escape the cold shadows of the steep Sernf Valley. After a 10 minute steep ride up one is greeted by panoramic views of the Glarus mountains:

The well marked trail (shared by ski tourers and snow shoers) winds up through lovely forest to the Skihaus (1750 meters, mostly unattended). Here most tourers make a first stop. There are three mountains to climb from the Skihaus: the Sonnenhorn (easiest), the difficult Gulderstock or the Fuggstock. The route to the Fuggstock departs before the Skihaus and usually that mountain is only climbed to a point well below the rocky peak. In safe conditions the peaks between Fuggstock and Gulderstock also offer steep descents. We went for the popular Sonnenhorn (map of the region below):Wissenberg
The ascent to the Sonnenhorn is quite easy, even though one has to zig zag up a steep ridge.
Ski tourers below Sonnenhorn.

The views from the Sonnenhron are great. Here we can see the peak with the Tödi in the very back.IMG_0672b
Most people ski down the North side to the Müliback and back on the forrest road to Engi (need to take  a bas from there to get back to Matt). We took the steep South descent right from the top (about 40%). One can also ski down from point 2246m. Beware of avalanches! South descent from Sonnenhorn below (point 2246m is more to the right of the picture):

Markus skiing down from Sonnenhorn:
After youn reach the botttom of the face, head to the left and stay East of the Skihaus for the further descent that takes you through lightly forrested terrain. Good waxed skis are an advantage in some places that are not steep. Overall, a picturesque little world up here high above the valley!
PS: We could not find any open restaurant in the area above the top station, but maybe we did not look hard enough.

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One Response to Wissenberg – Sonnenhorn – Fuggstock (Sunny Mountains High Above Sernftal, Canton Glarus)

  1. hi Ueli
    nice rocks!
    may i send your reports to jurg wildberger? he is also a mountain climber at times.
    take care and looking foirward to seing you this week-end

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