Wide and Light – A New Revolution in Backcountry Skis?

Check out the update published in 2015.

Several companies now offer wider skis (over 85 mm or more under the binding) that are incredibly light, mainly due to the use of carbon fibre or other lightweight materials. One of the leaders here is the small Swiss off-piste skimaker Movement with its X Series.

WildSNow published a chart with weight per surface rankings (with the Movement Logic/Response X ranked no 1). They also have reviews of the some fatter skis (100mm plus) that are still leight (link). Below you find comments to the new super light Movement Skis and the new, also very light Hagan Y-Flow. Be aware, all of these super light (wider) skis are quite expensive ($800 to $1’000 per pair). If you add an extra light binding from ATK or race bindings from Dynafit, you can reach easily $2’000 for the set (including skins).

Movement Logic X
I had the Movement Logic X (at around 1kg per ski at 168 cm!) for one year and I am quite happy with it (in powder conditions or soft snow). Here is my short review of the Logic X.

Movement Response XSki-XSeries-Response
The new model (which is supposed the be even better) is called Movement Respose X (also 1kg per ski at 169 cm). I am still looking for more reviews of the Response X. Here is one in German:
Gemessen an der Breite fällt der Movement Repsonse X sehr leicht aus. Das spürt man auch in längeren Anstiegen. In weichem Schnee schwimmt er schön auf und dreht leicht. Nur bei höherem Tempo und harten Verhältnissen kommt Unruhe ins Fahrwerk. Ein Ski für leichte Abfahrts-tourer.“ (Outdoor Magazin 2013)

Movement Bond X
A bit narrower (84mm), but not lighter, is the Movement Bond X (review here)

Hagan Y (“Wai”)-Flow
gr_hagan-tourenski-y-wai-flowI recently purchased the Hagan Y-Flow (87mm, 1220g per ski at 170 cm). I skied it in difficult snow conditions in the Dolomite and I was quite impressed by it. While not quite as light as the Movement X Series, the Wai Flow is an excellent allround performer in powder, crust etc. In my opinion it handles better than the Logic X.
„Ein toller Begleiter beim Tourenfreeriden im unverspurten Gelände, bei moderater Geschwindigkeit und konkurrenzlos leicht. Konzipiert als Tourenfreerider ist der Y(wai)Flow aber mit rund 2.000 g/Paar auch auf langen und anspruchsvollen Touren ein exzellenter Begleiter.“ (Land der Berge 2013)



  1. I would not recommend to buy this Skis. My Movement Logic X (same as Movement Response X) broke apart after 30 Tours. Movement did not replace them and this not pay me back a dime… They are light and they are not bad to ride but buying a new pair of skis for almost 1000 USD every 30 tours requires a really fat wallet…

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