Forstberg – Steep Mountain Close to Zurich

The area East of the Hoch Ybrig ski area (starting from Weglosen) offers a few good peaks with some steep descents (and ascents). The area can be reached in about 1 hour from Zurich town. Be sure to pay for the parking at Weglosen, otherwise a hefty fine might be the result.

Below: Skitourers in the last, steep part of the ascent to Forstberg. In the background the Drusberg another mountain that can be climbed in winter (usually ski are taken off before the rocks).IMG_0799b

While the Forstberg might just be  a local mountain, this is serious ski tour and the tour needs good avalanche conditions as the last part is quite steep.  It takes about 2.5-4 hours to reach the top  of Forstberg (1180m up). You will be mostly in the shadow, but the fantastic panoramic view of the mountains of Central Switzerland (see below) on the top make this tour still worthwile.
Other (easier) peaks in the region are the Rütistein and the Twäriberg (the latter also requires safe avalanche conditions). See tour map below:
Below is a picture of André and myself on the top of Forstberg. You can see the Glärnisch in the back left and the flat Silberen (another easy tour in the region).

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