Ski Tours Around Monstein (Davos) – Watch Out (for Avalanches)!

The pcicturesque Monstein villages (about a 15 minutes drive South of Davos) is a popular starting point to tour the mountains around that valley such as the well-know Büelenhorn or the over 3000m high Aelplihorn. There are some North facing slopes in the region which should be avoided if the avalanche conditions are not safe. Over Christmas 2013/14 one ski tourer died in an avalanche on the last part of the ascent to Büelenhorn. There were accidents on this steep North facing slope before. Check out the the the touring map in this report (dangerous areas marked with !). I have also included some pictures at the end.
View of Chrachenhorn, strong “Föhn”, a Southerly wind, North facing slopes therefore are dangerous!

Touring map of Monstein mountains
Ski Tours MonsteinThe most popular peak in the region is the Büelenhorn, which offers great powder descent as the the second part of the ascent usually does not get any sun. View are great. But, as mentioned, the last part is tricky (if avalanche conditions are not safe).

A safer peak the the Chrachenhorn. Usually, one stops at the beginning of the ridge which leads to the top (some easy climbing needed to reach the top). From the ridge there is a great powder descent (usually withou tracks). From Chrachenhorn there are very steep descents possible to the North and the South (for experienced skiers recommended only).

Another popular peak is the Aelplihorn (which is just over 3000m). The mountain is easy to climb even though from Davos it looks quite coky. The descent to the South East needs safe conditions. Sking down the uphill route is not great, so this tour is idally done when the avalanche danger is low.

An alternative to Aeplihorn is the Erezberg, a mountain which is seldom climbed. The valley between Erezberg and Aeplihorn offers always virgin powder skiing. We did the Erezberg after Christmas 2013/14 and then skied down directly to Monstein (which was not a very good idea as we triggered a pretty large avalanche). Again, this great descent should only be attempted in safe conditions.

Tourers that want to sepnd a few hours more can also climb the Gletscher Ducan (3020m), a classic peak, which can also be reached from the Sertig Valley. The peak is climbed mainly in spring, as the North facing slopes always offer good powder. Again, safe conditions are needed on this route.

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