Gemsstock/Andermatt – A Freeriding (and Ski Touring) Paradise

The Gemsstock/Andermatt ski area (now called “Andermatt Sedrun Ski Arena” as the Gemsstock ski area will soon be connected to the Sedrun ski area) is a great freeriding area. Last Sunday (2 March 2014) there was about half a meter of new snow, so freeriders were lining up at the base station (and it took us about 1 hour to get up to the top of Gemsstock,  which is just under 3000m).

We (André, Markus, Stephan, Mauri, Jürg, Rolf and myself) were greeted by perfect weather on the top (just above the fog). We skied down the steep South side and turned left (i.e. to the East) towards Vermigel hut with the plan to climb Piz Borel. The snow was deep and heavy as the terrain flattened towards Vermigel hut, and it was getting harder and harder to ski. So we turned back right (to the West) to reach Guspislücke (2833m), the small pass just North of the Pizzo Centrale. Stephan Hörler laid the tracks in the heavy snow and the rest followed enjoying the pristine scenery with no signs of civilization. Only the remote small hut (owned by ski legend Bernhard Russi) was visible for a while.


We crossed the small glacer called “Oberschatz Firn” (South of Pizzo Centrale) and were greeted on Guspislücke by a great panorama with views of Monto Rosa (Switzerland highest peak), Finsteraarhorn, Galenstock etc. etc. We then skied down to the Gotthard Pass road and arrived in Hospental just in time to catch the private shuttle bus back to Andermatt.

While we did not climb a high peak or skied steep couloirs, everybody enjoyed the blue sunny sky, the phantastik scenery and the company of good friends.

Gemstock, we come again!! Here are some pictures:

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