Gletscher Ducan – Classic Ski Tour from Monstein or Sertig (Davos Area)

The Gletscher Ducan (Gletscher = Glacier) is a 3000m peak reached in a few hours either from Monstein or Sertig. The small glacier North of the Gletscher Ducan offers a nice powder run (there is plenty of room for everyone). The ascent is quiet lon (3-4 hours) both from Monstein and Sertig. I like the Monstein route better as one can combine this tour with the climb of Erezberg which offers a great powder or firn run down directly to Monstein.

If you do the tour from Sertig, be sure to take Harscheisen with you, as the crossing on the left of the steep gorge (just after leaving Sertig) is quite steep and can be icy.

Tour map here:
Gletscher Ducan
Here are a few pictures from this years tour to Gletscher Ducan:

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