Pazola Stock – Easy to Reach 2740m Peak Above Oberalp Pass (Andermatt)

The Pazola Stock is nice peak that can be easily climbed from Oberalp Pass (open all winter, 2000m). This small tour is suitable also early in the season after the first snow falls (tour report October 2012). The terrain is not rocky and “ground contact” does not damage your skis too much. In winter, tourers ski from Pazola Stock all the way down to Andermatt (take the train to Oberalp from Andermatt). Quite a nice run on North Westerly pretty steep slopes. In spring or early summer, the tour is also popular as the high starting point usually still provides a solid snow cover. One other dvantage of this tour  is that you do not have start too early as the slopes are generally North facing, so wet avalanches (on sunny slopes) later in the day are usually not a concern. Still check avalanche conditions as the slopes in some parts are 30+ degrees.

We took advantage of the good weather last Sunday to climb Pazola Stock (again), together with about 20 other tourers. It was quite a crowd, but not crowded. The cloud layer was at around 2500m, so we enjoyed the “Nebelmeer” on top.

View towards the mountains in South:IMG_0342b

If was windy on top and not too warm, so after 30 minutes we skied down Westward towards Andermatt and then turned North towards the road to Oberalp. The slopes are moderately steep here, ideal for nice powder or firn skiing.

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