In Search of Snow at Schilt

While in Central Switzerland (Andermatt region) there is now (November 2014) up to 2m of snow, the snow cover further North or East is not great yet. With the usual fog in the Swiss “Mittelland” during the winter and also this weekend, I wanted to get some sun and drove to the Glarus valley, taking Zora, our dog, along. I drove the car to the Naturfreundehaus Fronalp about 1380m (, a mountain restaurant with great views (open all winter).

I was greeted by green pastures and a ski touring couple coming down from the popular Schilt mountain (tour report here). The encouraged me to go further.

Skitourers heading down from Schilt

And after about 1 hour of walking, I was able to put on the skis (and Zora enjoyed her frist snow this season). I skinned up for about 1 hour and then “called it a day” as the sun was getting low.

Me, Zora and the Mürtschenstock (in the back)

The sking down was not great (as expected), but at least no rocks scratched my skis. PS: I guess Zora enjoyed this trip more than I did.

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