Scenic Route to Schiberg (2044m) – Highly Recommended


The Schiberg (“Ski Mountain”) is is the “small rother” of popular Mutteristock. I found a new ascent route to this peak, which is very scenic. Instead of taking the usual route through the Almismattwald in to the Fanenhöli, one can climb the ridge just West of it until point 1799m (see map below). Views through the trees to left and right are quite unique. After point 1799m one crosses in to small valley Fanenhöli. If snow conditions are very good, one can zig zag all the way to the top of Schiberg, but usually the last, steep part of done by foot (light climbing).

The Schiberg is much less trevelled than the Mutterstock and offers great (not to say spectacular alpine views) from just 2044m. Skiing down is ok, but usually not great.

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