Spring Tour to Mutteristock (2294m) – Still Great Conditions

Last Saturday (28 March 2015) I and Allen Sanderson (visiting from Utah) took opportunity of the sunny weather and headed up to the Wäggital Lake. We started only at 10.00 from the lake to head up to the 1400m to the popular Mutterstock. Even though we were late, snow was firm and we were greated at around 1400m with some powder (and tracks of earlier skiers). Soon we reached Torberg Lücke at 2100m and from there is was a good half hour more to the top. As we were late in the day, there were only a handful of other tourers on the peak and we all enjoyed the great scenery.

Tracks on East Side of Mutteriberg

Instead of skiing down along the ascent route, we “dove” into the steep North Couloir and then followed close to the steep rock walls of Mutteriberg. Amazingly, there was still powder all the way down to 1400m. From there on things got quite slushy. We managed to ski down all the way back to the lake (at 912m!) without taking off our skis once. Quite unusual for this late in the season.

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