Blizzard Zero G 85 (and G95 & G 108) – Tests and Reviews


Blizzard has introduced a brand new and very light touring ski line offering with (according to tests) very good performance. The Blizzard Zero G 85 only weighs 2170g per pair (171 cm) and has gotten very good reviews as an agile ski with good edge grip.

Bergsteiger Magazin (November 2015): “… punktet in fast allen Disziplinen, v.a. mit seiner Wendigkeit. Ein Spitzenski …” (English: great well balanced ski for its weight, agile).

Outdoor Magazin (November 2015): ” .. fährt sich fast wie ein Carving Ski … fast zu viel an Kantengriff ..  eher steif ..auch gut in weicheren Verhältnissen …” (English: skis almost like a carving ski, very good edge grip, als good in softer conditions, also a ski for heavier skiers as it is rather stiff).

Berg und Tal Online Magazin also gave the Zero G85 a very favorable review: Master of all disciplines, agile, good egde grip, stable, good in soft conditions, very light.


With the Blizzard Zero G 95 and the G 108 (above) Blizzard is also offering wider versions which are a bit heavier, of course. Both skis got good reviews as well:
Test at
Test at
Test at Backcountry Magazine

The APLIN Magazin rated the Blizzard Zero G 95 as the best ski for agressive (advanced) skiers. The even wider Blizzard Zero G 108 was rated “good”in ALPIN Magzine‘s recent test (i.e. not as great as the G 85 and the G 95). At 3450g per pair at 185cm it is quite a bit heavier than the Foscher Hannibal 100 and it does not turn as easy as the Hannibal 100.

And, last but not least, there is also a softer Lady’s version  (Zero G 85 Women) with the same weight as the G 85.

Ski Weights Blizzard G Series:

Zero G 85 (116-85-99.5) – lengths 157 cm (945 g per ski), 164 cm (1015 g), 171 cm (1090 g), 178 cm (1175 g), 185 cm (1255g)

Zero G 95 (128-95-111.5) – lengths 164 cm (1070 per ski), 171 cm (1150 g), 178 cm (1250 g), 185 cm (1330 g)

Zero G 108 (136-108-122) – lengths 171 cm (1540 g per ski), 178 cm (1650 g), 185 cm (1750 g)

I have not skied any of the Zero G’s yet, but the skis seem to be suitable for strong skiers (as they are a bit stiff). The Zero G 85 seems to be one the “grippiest” very light ski (most very light skis do not have good edge grip).

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