Hagan Y[wai] Series – Tests an Reviews

“The Y[wai]-flow introduced the Y concept to the world —and the world took notice! With a waist width of 87 mm, it is the perfect all-rounder for all tour professionals. The narrow 100 mm tail with rocker provides incredible agility for quick turns and minimizes tail hook on hard surfaces and crust.” Quote from Hagan website.
Hagan-Flow-Freeride-SkiI have already commented on the Y[wai]-flow (here), which – in my opinion – is one of the best light and pretty wide touring ski for powder conditions (new design picture above). The Y[wai]-flow has a very wide, rockered tip (130m) with a narrow tail (ski dimensions 130-87-100). For a weight per pair of only 2.4kgs the ski performs really well in powder and most other conditions. The shape looks a bit like a skinny fish. In hard snow or crust, the Y[wai]-flow is ok, but not great. Edge grip is also not great.

Hagan has issued an even lighter and slightly narrower Y[way]-drive (125-83-98) weighing 2.2kg per pair. While I have not tried the Y[way]-drive, I doubt that saving another 100g per ski is worth it. German Outdoor Magazine recently gave theHagan Y-drive its “Kauf Tipp”. Quote: Light touring skis with crusing qualities, floats well in powder, turns easily, highly recommended.” Hagan now also offers a wider Y[way]-boost (got also very good marks by Outdoor Magazine) and the even wider Y[way]-king. Both skis are not really light anymore.

The Chimera Ski Series of Hagan (link) have a more traditional shape and are a bit heavier

I can clearly recommend the Y[wai] flow for lighter skiers that are looking for an easy to ski for softer conditions. I would not recommend the ski for steep descents in hard or icy snow.

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