Völkl VTA 88 (and VTA 88 Lite) – Tests and Reviews


Völkl has been a produced of great touring and backcountry skis for years. While their skis were not the lighest, they were (and still are) great to ski in all conditions. Völkl now has “upgraded” their Alpine touring ski line (see here) with the light (and 88m wide) VTA 88 (pictured above) and the even lighter VTA 88 Lite (here).

Dimensions VTA 88: 127-88-106, 1230g per ski at 170cm / VTA 88 Lite: 127-88-106, 1090g per ski at 170cm

The reviews on the VTA 88 have been very good to excellent:
Bergsteiger Magazin (November 2015): ” .. Dynamik, Laufruhe und Grip verblüffend … ” (English: .. versatile, smooth at speeds, good grip, turns easy)
Outdoor Magazin (November 2015): “… gibt sich keine Blösse …gut bei fast allen Bedingungen … gutmütig … drehfreudig … toller Allrounder … KAUF TIPP”. (English: Great and easy-to-ski allround touring ski.)

Also check online reviews for the VTA 88 Lite such as on wildsnow.com earn or on earnyourturns.com.

I have not skied the VTA 88 yet unfortunately, so I cannot comment from personal experience. It seems however that the VTA 88 is a “highly recommended” touring ski. The very light VTA 88 Lite seems ok as well.



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