Fanenstock (2235m) – Popular Ski Mountain Above Elm (Glarus)


The Fanenstock is a popular ski mountain that can be reached from the Elm (side valley to the Glarus Valley). The tour starts in Zündli (just East of Elm villlage) at 1039m. As the tour is quite popular when snow conditions down to the valley are good, it might be hard to find a suitable parking spot (on Sundays mainly). The tour is easy and pretty safe in the mostly Southern facing slopes. With 1200m ascent the tour may be a bit long for some tourers, but one does not need to go to the top. Views are nice and the terrain is quite steep (but generally not dangerous). The Wissenberg area (just a bit North of Elm) offers – in my opinion – a more picturesque landcape and nicer views (see here).

Ski tourers on Fanenstock:


The descent from Fanenstock is quite nice at the upper half of the tour with various powder slopes to the South East. Once the treeline is reached (at around 1700m), one has to ski down on roads or “piste-like” terrain.

Alternative (and less travelled) mountains are the Färispitz (2179m, SE of Fanenstock) and the Grünenspitz (2361m). Tourers with good condition can also reach two or all three of the mentioned peaks in one tour.

Tour map here:

Karte Fanenstock etc

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