Fischer Hannibal 94 – Tests and Reviews – Tested by me as well

I have now had time to test the Fischer Hannibal 94 in all conditions (from powder to snow crust to hard-packed slopes). The summary, I really like the Hannibal 94 a lot. The ski – despite its light weight – is astonishingly stable and a has a good grip on hard snow. The Hannibal is easy to ski also in crud or poor snow conditions. It is wide enough to float nicely in the typical powder snow we find here the European Alps (probably a bit narrow for deep Rocky Mountains powder). I also enjoyed the Hannibal 94 going uphill. With its rocker, light weight and moderate width, you can easily break tracks (“spuren”). In summary, I can highly recommend the Hannibal 94 as a reliable and great overall ski for all snow conditions.

Below: Fischer Hannibal 94 on Zeniflue (Davos):IMG_4797c

Fischer offers the Transalp 88, a classic touring ski at moderate weight (2620g per pair at 177cm). More interesting – in my view – is the wider Fischer Hannibal 94 (2545 per pair at 170cm). After reading the very favorable review at Outdoor Gear Lab (here) I have recently purchased two pairs.

Snow and Bergsteiger Magazine (in German here) also rated the ski highly. Outdoor Guide mentions that the edge grip in hard snow is not great. They recommend it more for powder and soft snow. ALPIN Magazine rated the ski the best light and wide backcountry ski for less agreesive skiers (the Blizzard Zero G95 was best for aggressive skiers): ” … well balance … in most conditions as good as heavier skis … easier to ski tahn the Blizzard Zero G 95 …

PS: There is also a wider (and slightly) heavier) Fischer Hannibal 100 was the test winner in ALPIN Magazine‘s recent test of wide backcountry skis.  The ski is one of the lightest in the 100mm category. Quote from ALPIN Magazine test: ” .. light, easy to ski …turns easy…very good in powder…very good edge grip for the weight.. still ok on groomed slopes..” Overall, the Hannibal 100 got a “highly recommded” in this test.

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One Response to Fischer Hannibal 94 – Tests and Reviews – Tested by me as well

  1. Davie says:

    do you know of any stores that have these on sale? Been trying to find them in Scotland but can`t find them anywhere.

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