Radüner Rothorn (3022) – Worthwile Alternative to Flüea Schwarzhorn


View of Radüner Rothorn (picture above), couloir to the right can be skied.

The Radüner Rothorn (3022m) is a better ski touring mountain than the Flüela Schwarzhorn just about 1km North of it (see map below). The views are just as nice and the skiing down is much better. And you can even try the steep East couloirs, if avalanche conditions are safe. (The top part of Flüela Schwarzhorn usually cannot be skied well, as there are rocks and the snow is usually wind blown.) Both peaks are only done when the Flüela Pass Road is open (usually until end of December, or then after May 1).

For more tours in the Flüela area see here.

The ascent and descent can be done both from the North or South (usually the route is skied clockwise). We climbed the peak at Christmas 2016 when there was hardly any snow in the region and we managed some good runs without much “rock damage”.


View from the peak are great and, as mentioned before, I prefer the Radüner Rothorn anytime as compared to the higher and much “busier” Flüela Schwarzhorn. A great skitour early in the season (when the Flüela Pass is still open for cars).

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One Response to Radüner Rothorn (3022) – Worthwile Alternative to Flüea Schwarzhorn

  1. Rodney says:

    Thank you for all your helpful posts – we have drawn good inspiration for ski tours around Davos/Klosters

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