Rohrspitzli (3220m) – Classic & Long Ski Tour in Central Switzerland (1950m uphill from Meiental)


The Rohrspitzli Tour is one of the longer and steeper classic long ski tours in Central Switzerland. There is some climbing involved at the last 150m before the peak, so crampons and ice axe and maybe a rope are highly advisable. Depending on conditions (with little snow) the climbing over the rock band above the ski depot can be tricky (or even dangerous), especially when coming down. If there is plenty of snow, climbing  over the rock band can be avoided (see here).

The Rohrspitzli Tour is quite long (1950m ascent) and quite steep in parts, so the tour is usually attempted only in save avalanche conditions. Also in winter, the whole tour will be in the shadow. So March or April are better months to try this “Classic”.

Judging from the very few entries in the route to Rohrspitzli should not be too crowded. When I climbed it with Christian Rahn in spring 2016, we were the only ones around!

The route starts in Meien, a small village on the street to Sustenpass. The road until Meien is always kept open. At around 1700 the route get really steep (about 40 degrees) and Harscheisen might be helpful. After that the Brunni bowl gets wider and the ski depot can be reached without problems (see ski tour map below):


The view on top is (as on most mountains above 3000m in Central Switzerland) just breath-taking, especially after such a long almost 2000m climb.

Once you have reached the ski depot, is is all sking down!! Except if you, as I did in 2016, lose one your skis. In my case my great Fischer Hannibal 94 skied down all by itself to nowhere. And I had to try to ski down on one ski (which is harder than you think). After a few hundred meters I walked, and walked, and walked all the way down. Christian told me the skiing was quite good.

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