Radüner Rothorn (3022m) – Again

Snow conditions at the end of 2016 were less than ideal in most regions of the Swiss Alps with almost no snow up to 2000m.

As last Christmas (when here was little snow) Jürg Kurmann and I drove up to Flüela Pass and skinned up to this worthwhile peak. We come from the South side via Rothorn Furgga. The last few meters we climbed without skis. Looking down the North side is looked quite rocky so we crossed through rocks on the East side about 100m below the top towards Schwarzhorn Furgga, because we wanted to ski the 40 degree Eastern flanks just North of Radüner Rothorn. It took us a while to get there, but it was worthwhile: Virgin “powder” (or something similar) greeted us and we put in the first tracks. Skiing down to the Flüela Pass road was easy with very little rock contact. Overall, a great tour (again) when the Flüela Pass is still open.

Also see the tour report with a map from last year here.

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