The (Ultimate) Davos Ski & Backcountry Tour Guide – Part 3 (Peaks around Sertig & Dischma Valley)

The Sertig and Dischma Valleys are two picturesque side valleys in Davos. Both valleys offer some nice ski tours including the long tour from Dischma to the Scalettahorn (3068m) with its very steep North descent and the great Mittagshorn couloir (which is now also in the offical ski tour map and thus not a real “secret” anymore). The Hoch Ducan (3063m) is not covered in this guide as it requires some exposed climbing. Another classic tour (also not in this guide) is the Piz Grialetsch (3131m). That tour is done usually in spring when the Grialetsch Hut (and the road to Dürrboden) is open. In winter the road to Dürrboden (Dischma) is only open to Teufi (1700m) and there is a 1.5 hour hike-in to the end of the valley. Thus the South side of Dischma is very qiet in winter.

The tour numbers mentioned in my tour descriptions correspond to the tour numbers on, the site of the official Swiss maps, which now also include the ski touring routes. Type “ski” in the search bar and select “ski routes”. Please also note that altitude numbers on the official Swiss maps might deviate slightly depending on the map scale (the new 1:25’000 maps show most peaks 1 m lower).

I will start with the peaks from North to South.

Büelenhorn Davos 2513m: B on my map, Route 532a, pretty easy tour directly from Davos, but quite a bit of uphill. Many tourers stop at Büelenberg 2118m. Especially recommended with fresh powder. This is also popular snow shoe tour.

View back to Davos Valley, Schiahorn on the right

I like this tour even though it is not always easy to find the way up and down through the forest in the lower part of the tour.

Above the treeline, Büelenhorn directly ahead

If conditions allow, the Southwest descent (route 523b) from the peak into the Dischma Valley is great, but again there are some quite steep parts here, especially if you do not catch the ideal route. As the slope is South exposed, this descent is recommended in spring or when there is new powder.

Skiing down into the Dischma Valley

Rossboden 2613m / Jatzhorn 2681m: R! on my map/Jatzhorn is just North of it,  both peaks and the descents into Dischma are not in the official ski tour maps, both peaks are easily reached from Jakobshorn top station, the descents down into Dischma (especially from Jatzhorn) are steep,  beware of avalanches.

Both peaks can easily be reached from Jakobshorn top station in a little more than half an hour. The 900m descent from Rossboden into the Dischma Valley usually provides great powder with little or no tracks. One of my favourite descents in the region. The same is true for the descent from Jatzhorn, which is steeper and should only be done in very safe avlanche conditions.

There are several smaller peaks that can be climbed South of Jakobshorn with its wide and easy to ski Western slopes. If one does not want to climb back to the Jakobshorn ski area or ski down into Dischma, skiing down into Sertig is also possible (routes 531c and 531a). The Rüedisch Valley, East of Rossboden, is very quiet with a gentle ascent to Tällifurgga (2653m, route 529a) or a pretty rough and steep downhill into Dischma. So, in summary, this area South of Jakobshorn is recommended for rather easy and shorter tours. Just try it out.

My favourite “Rossboden round trip” can be found in the map below:

Grforen Horn (“Frozen Peak”) 2747m: Gf! on my map, Route 528a, little travelled tour from Sertig, pretty steep Northen slopes towards the peak (high avalanche danger possible!)

I have done this tour only once. Quite nice. The peak can also be reached from Rüedisch Valley (via Rossboden, route 528b).  Nice views into remote areas South of Sertig.

Mittagshorn Couloir 2681m: M! on my map, Rroute 522d/e, one of the best steep descents in the Davos region, very steep climb from the back side, intermediate to difficult tour (depending on snow conditions). Tour report here.

Getting ready to ski down Mittagshorn Couloir (to the right) – Sertig Valley in the back

A bit more demanding, longer and steeper than the Mittagshorn couloir is the Hoch Ducan couloir (Route 522b). Both couloirs are only recommended for experienced skiers (even though the skiing down is not really difficult).

View of Mittagshorn Couloir (left) and Hoch Ducan Couloir (right)

Chüealphorn (“Cow Alp Peak”) 3077m: CH! on my map, route 524a from Sertig, route 524b from Dischma, pretty long (spring) tour with steep last 50 meters

This tour is popular in spring when the road in the Dischma Valley to Dürrboden is open. The ascent from Sertig is quite long and skiing back the Chüealp Valley is not attractive. The Dischma side is nicer with better views and better skiing. Pretty serious mountain, very lonely before spring.

View of Chüealphorn from Scalettahorn – Dischma Valley towards the right – Uppermost ascent to Chüealphorn is from the left

Scaletta Horn 3067m: SC! on my map, Route 540c/540a from Dürrboden/Dischma, one of the longest “epic” ski tours in the region, at least 4 hours uphill!, quite steep in some places, descent over North slopes only possible in very safe conditions. Route: Teufi 1700m – Dürrboden 2007m – Scaletta Pass 2606m – Scaletta Horn 3067m (from Scaletta Pass we usually climb directly to the peak through its Eastern face which is about 45 minutes shorter than on the official route 540a).

Down hill route from Scaletta Horn (seen from Dürrboden) – The entrance to the North couloir is West of the peak – Ascent route to Scaletta Pass to the right.

Especially in winter (when the road to Dürrboden is not open yet) this is one of the longer and remote tours in the Davos region. From Teufi its about 1.5 hours to Dürrboden, followed by an easy climb to Scaletta Pass (there is one 30+ degree North-facing slope to pass on the way!). From the pass head up East and zick-zag directly to the peak. The scenery is great and you will most likely be completely alone here.

About 50m below the peak, Piz Kesch in the back

If conditions are safe, you can ski down the great North couloir (35 degrees at the top). Be sure to first ski West a bit, before you head down.

Luzi Wipf in the North couloir

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