The (Ultimate) Davos Ski & Backcountry Tour Guide – Introduction and Overview

I have been ski touring in Davos for about 10 years and have skied almost all of the easier and more difficult peaks now. This guide provides an overview of the best ski/backcountry tours in the vincinity of Davos. There are many more tours, of course, if you venture a bit further. The region probably offers most easy to moderate ski tours in any Swiss Alps region. And all tours are close to each other.

On the map above I have marked the tours with the initials of the peak.  “!” means the tour can involve some light climbing and/or has some steep slopes (and therefore should only be attempted in safe avalanche conditions). Please check out, the site of the official Swiss maps, which now also include the ski touring routes (type “ski” in the search bar and select Skirouten). Please also note that altitude numbers on the official Swiss maps might deviate slightly depending on the map scale (the new 1:25’000 maps show most peaks 1 m lower)!

Part 1 covers the peaks West of Davos (upper left part of the map above)
Part 2 the peaks around Monstein (lower left part of map)
Part 3 the peaks climbed from Sertig and Dischma valleys (lower right of map), and finally
Part 4 the peaks around Flüela (mid right of the map).

Equipment: Except – as otherwise noted – an ice axe or (shoe) crampons (“Steigeisen”) are not needed on most Davos tours. Ski crampons (“Harscheisen”) are, however, recommended especially in Spring or firm snow.  Besides the usual ski touring equipment, it is always a good idea to carry a spare pair of warm gloves, a headlamp plus some tape. “Better over- than underdressed” is my motto.

Mobile phone coverage is generally quite good around Davos. Nevertheless, be sure to download the respective map area on your mobile (or take a map with you).

Also, you should be aware of the “Wildlife Zones” (Wildruhezonen) where off-piste skiing is prohibited and trespassers will face significant fines! See official updated map here or map below:

Avalanche warning: In the Eastern Swiss Alps avalanche danger is generally higher than in Central Switzerland, as in the Davos region there is generally less snow fall. Together with usually dry conditions this means that the snow is less settled (or compacted). Please check my respective blog about “Old snow and weak layers” here. Also it is useful look at the map with deadly avalanche accidents over the last 20 years here.

Before every (!!) tour consult the avalanche bulletin issued daily from the Swiss Avalanche Institut located right in Davos.

Picture gallery of Davos ski touring peaks:



  1. Good article with great resources ! This is exactly what we were looking for previously in Davos region. Well done, we hopefully return to Davos this season to ski some!

    One note, it might be also helpful to provide gpx tracks (good backup option) however maps and markings shared should be sufficient.

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