Powder Descents to Davos (between Strela Pass and Chöbrschorn)

The mountains just West of Davos (between Strelapass and Chorbschhorn) offer some great powder descents, some of which are not skied too often. The picture above gives a good overview. See also map below.

Notes: All descents, except Erber Berg, lead directly back to Davos city! One can purchase a onw-way ski touring pass for Schatzalp/Strela for less than CHF 20. Or one can skin up directy from Davos. Start at the broad road to Schatzalp and look for tracks that zig-zag through the forest. Over the treeline follow the lifts.
Let’s start from North to South:
Guggerbach: Easy powder descent directly from Schatzalp/Strela ski area (only 2 lifts). There are alwayls track here, but the valley is wide so you should find some good powder. The little trail towards Schatzalp at the end of the valley cannot be missed.
Podesten Alp: Descent just South of Guggerbach on the ridge. The through the forest to Schatzalp. Use one the trails there. This descent and the following descent need some skinning (30 min to 1 hour).
Chilcher Berg: Nice, but steep (40 degrees) spring decent to Lochalp. Same starting point as Podesten Alp. Not advisable in winter.
Lochalp: Very nice and moderately steep powder run to Davos. As the “exit” from Lochalp to Davos is hard to find and a bit tricky, this route is not done too often. There are (depending on the exact route one takes) a few steeper parts. Safe avalanche conditions are necessary. Just start from the steep ridge North of Chörbschorn. Check where you enter, as the slopes are quite steep there. Once you reach Lochalp follow the route 178d (map above). Make sure to initially stay South of the hiking trail (from point 1977m to 1849m), i.e. stay higher. If there are not tracks use GPS to follow the route.
Erber Berg: The descent over Erber Berg is the preferred descent from Chörbschhorn (tour report Chörbschhorn here). Coming from Strela Pass, one does not need to climb all the way to Chörbschhorn to ski down Erber Berg.


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